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  2. Guys With Ties Victoria Rummler 1:23
  3. TeachMeTonight Victoria Rummler 1:12


A clear, sensual voice that runs the gamut of notes and emotions. Steeped in nuance and free of technical limitations, Victoria Rummler’s music is refreshingly fun and joyous.

Born near Detroit, USA, Vicki has been a Euro-convert for almost twenty years. Her musical experience began with a fascination for the piano at age six, leading to clarinet, dance, classical voice, theater, composition and arrangement. Since completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in music at Williams College in Massachusetts, she has performed all over the globe in groups ranging from a 6-part vocal jazz group to a cabaret act in German.

Her latest album, “am I am,” takes her jazz-based music one step further, with more personal lyrics and arrangements that reflect her musical influences throughout the years, from blues to African and bossa nova.

Vicki’s live performances are ebullient and virtuosic, and her rapport with the audience is playful yet genuine.



“Victoria Rummler blows you away. Beautiful and feisty, she becomes one with her art. Her cover versions are elegant. In a tongue-in-cheek exchange with the audience, she transmits her suave, mellow style to stressed-out Parisians and people in a hurry.”

Aisne Nouvelle (02), French regional newspaper, Manuel Caré

About Victoria’s second solo CD, “am I am”:

“(…) devilishly efficient composer (…) the singer sounds more comfortable than ever before. Her joy of singing is nothing short of contagious. Just listen to the soft breeze that is her voice, and you’ll feel great. Kick back, casually. It’s just plain jubilant.”

Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz, Jean-Marc Gelin


1998 : Surtout préviens ta soeur, avec Rue Blanche
2004 : Twinkle (Pitch Puppy Productions)
2005 : Vocal Extrême, avec Les Grandes Gueules (Sony BMG)
2006 : Electric Blue, avec Maido Project
2006 : Safran, avec Maido Project
2010 : Songes, avec Mina Small
2011 : am I am (Juste une Trace / AMOC)
2011 : Le Catalogue des rêves, avec François Elie Roulin (Cristal Records)
2011 : Ces Lumières là, avec Olivier Goulet
2012 : Poéziques, avec Les Grandes Gueules (Sony)
2014 : Le Bonheur, avec François Elie Roulin (Signature-RadioFrance)

Nice Jazz Festival…
Nico Morelli, Emmanuel Bex, Olivier Ker Ourio, Gildas Boclé, Nguyen Lé, Dano Haider, Kirt Rust, Karl Jannuska, Pierre Baillot, Laurent Mignard, Matyas Szandai, Federico Casagrande, Francesco Bearzatti, François Elie Roulin,




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