Professional musician since 1994, Régis Huiban, with an atypical career, creates several bridges between Breton music, jazz, swing-musette, French song or children’s show. All-terrain accordionist, we have seen and heard him in fest-noz with Tan Ban Ti, in concert with Mr Kerbec and his belouzes, in musical theater with Kof a Kof …

Today, he composes and arranges music for various groups: duet with Nolùen Le Buhé or Roland Becker (trad no trad), La Famille Petitplus (illustrative show), Wipidoup or Skolvan (fest-noz), while being performing on stage with the Régis Huiban Quartet (jazz-world), solo, in duet with Lucas Thébaut (folk ball) or even the Ensemble des Imaginaires (creation 2020).

From flashbacks to quotes, his music, original and totally open to improvisation, is now heard far beyond the borders of Brittany.