Serge Merlaud is a guitarist whose style reflects various musical worlds. So it should come as no surprise that Merlaud’s first training was parallel study of jazz guitar with Jean-Marie Pallen and classical guitar with Marie Solies at The Conservatory of the 11th arrondissement.

  1. Answer me my love 3:47
  2. Sylve Pascal Gaubert 3:55
  3. hands and feet JP rebillard serge merlaud 3:01
  4. Don't go to strangers 5:59


Although his work is particularly developed in the direction of Jazz, he has continued his passion for classical guitar as a teacher, lecturer and with recording projects such as 1998’s “J.S. Bach’s Transcriptions Pour Guitare”, Frederic Sylvestre Guitar Quartet, ALPHEE.

As a part of the Paris Jazz scene, his career has included collaborations with countless instrumentalists including: Sylvan Beuf, N’guyen Le, Olivier Ker-Ourio, Carine Bonnefoy, Edouard Ferlet, Alain Jean-Marie, Olivier Hutman, Eric Seva, Michel Perez, Gilles Naturel, Jean-Marc Jaffet.
and is a working member of various groups including:
“The Acoustic Trio” with Eric Seva and Daniel Yvinec
“The Jean Eteve West Coast Qt”
“The Didier Haboyan Qt” with Jean-Claude Oleksiak and Antoine Paganotti
“The Tullia Morand Qt” with Pierre Mimran and Thierry Chauvet

Known especially as a sublime accompanist for singers, Merlaud continues to work with innumerable vocalists including:
Marc Thomas, Sara Lazarus, Isabel Carpentier, Laura Littardi, Deborah Tanguy, Roger Letson, Alan Bergman and Tierney Sutton .

During the winter of 2012 Merlaud recorded « Paris Sessions » with Tierney Sutton on Vocals and Kevin Axt on Bass. This CD is a collection of intimate Jazz ballads, bossa novas and originals. It was nominated for the Grammys in the” Best Jazz Vocal” category.
A prolific and unique composer, Merlaud’s compositions have been recorded by Roger Letson, Tierney Sutton, Jean-Pierre Rebillard and Vocal Qt Cordes Sensibles.


« Funky Tc.houpa Tchoups » avec le Pierre Louis CAS Quartet, AP, 1997.

« Transcriptions » et » Valse caprice » Quartet de guitares de Frédéric SYLVESTRE, 1998 «

« Plume » avec le trio d’Edouard BINEAU, 1999

« Paris Rio » avec le saxophoniste Idriss BOUDRIOUA, Sonopress, Brésil,2002.

« Invitation »s avec le groupe vocal Cordes Sensibles, Nota Béné productions, 2003, ditribué par Musicast.

« Constellation »( cordes sensibles) 2006

« Happy Little Sunbeam » avec le quartet de Jean ETEVE, AP, 1997.

«Tenders  echoes »  avec Anne lys quartet .2008

“love as it is” isabelle carpentier 4tet 2006

“pose des mots” louvette 5tet 2008

« Betty bop » avec tullia morand 5tet .2009

« histoires 2 » duo avec jean-pierre Rebillard (contrebasse) 2009

« west vancouver » pascalGaubert 4tet 2009

« after blue » participation au cd de Tierney Sutton sur  Joni Mitchell.

« you stole my heart » Roger Letson.

« Pariss sessions » Tierney Sutton

« jour après jour «  yves Nahon quartet

« Bear on a thitrope » duo avec Jean-Pierre Rebillard + Claude Braud invité






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